New MN Music Premiere! Love Is Love by Amanda Grace

We are pleased to premiere Love Is Love by Amanda Grace from her upcoming album Please Dear Sun. The video includes Amanda and her band playing music in a white room with balloons. It’s joyous!

This video seems to celebrate the end of the pandemic (we hope!). The simple pleasure of being together; the simple pleasure of love. It’s an upbeat, infectious song.  Amanda says, “Love is Love is a letter to all humans; as a reminder that it is the ultimate force of power. Give into it and you will get all you need and more.”

We had an opportunity to talk to Amanda last December. It seems like a lifetime ago, we spoke about art during a pandemic and the balance of art and life. Amanda leads a full life and that inspires her music. As she told us, sometimes the songs seem to come through her in another voice. She has that eye for others and an intuition about how to engage with the world around her. Her music subtly push us in the right direction.

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