Mostly MN Music with Kaylee Kitzman and theme of animals

It was a delight to have Kaylee Kitzman join us in the studio to introduce her new songs.

Kaylee is a young artist, just getting started. Her music is thoughtful with a calming complexity. She has been working with producer/musician Lance Johnson to put an added professional polish to her music. We dove into the songs and got to hear about her trip to a medium, which led to a song of the same name.

Then we heard lots of songs about animals from Minnesota. You can check out our aspirational playlist on Spotify and see who we were actually able to play below:

Artist Song Release
Kaylee Kitzman Gazebo Song Gazebo Song – Single
Kaylee Kitzman Medium Medium – Single
Friend Dog Little Bird Little Bird – Single
Motion City Soundtrack Worker Bee My Dinosaur Life
Maygen Lacey & Maygen & The Birdwatcher Black Sheep The People We Don’t Choose – EP
Haley Bonar Tiger Boy Big Star
Alex Crankshaft Larson Dog Tired and Tryin Need to Get There
Porch Knights Cyclehounds A Little Darkness to Get You Going
Alpha Consumer Unicorn Uniform Gary Victorsen’s
The Nunnery Hello lll Fire Dove
Charlie Parr Dog Dog
Admiral Fox Baby Owl Saint Cloud
Oklahoma Let the Horses Run Fever Dream
We Are The Willows Horse & Cart Who We Are & Where We Are Now
The Time Jungle Love Jungle Love / Oh, Baby [Digital 45] – Single
Mae Simpson Birds Did You Make It Back
Hippo Campus Bambi Bambi
Dave Simonett Razor Pony Razor Pony
Crash Cuddle Dinosaur Ghost Klaxon
Bad Bad Hats Year of the Crab Walkman
the 4onthefloor Lionhearted 4X4
Lucy Michelle and The Velvet Lapelles Osbick Bird Orange Peels & Rattlesnakes
The Suburbs Cows Ladies and Gentlemen, the Suburbs Have Left the Bulding
Dessa Shrimp Chime
Corey Medina I Won’t Old Dog Cryin’
Jillian Rae When Doves Cry When Doves Cry – Single

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