Jillian Rae to release new single on March 11 – Doing My Best

Always fun to talk to Jillian Rae, especially when we get to hear about Doing My Best, a new single releasing on March 11 with an online stream celebration planned on YouTube at 2pm on March 13.

It’s been two years since we last spoke to Jillian; it was pre-pandemic and her last album (I Can’t Be the One You Want Me to Be) was still pretty new.  It feels like a lifetime ago and it was nice to rehash a little bit with Jillian what we’ve all been through in the last two years and also good to hear about how she has come through it with a new single and a plan for three more.

For the first part of the pandemic Jillian did not write songs. She didn’t write for so long she got a little nervous but was then approached to write a collection of “kids songs” that coordinated with various therapy topics for kids who have lived through trauma for Camp Noah. Optimistically Jillian said yes, but writing kids songs opened the door to more. Doing my Best is actually an adult adaption of one of her Camp Noah songs. It is affirmational, inspirational, musical message letting us know we’re OK. We’re doing our best and nobody’s perfect. The message is straightforward and the music is soothing with interesting drums and Jillian’s gorgeous voice.

You’re going to love it and we can’t wait for the others!

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