White Line Darko is Turning Out on June 10 at the Driftwood Char Bar

White Line Darko is releasing their latest EP, Turning Out, on June 10 at the Driftwood Char Bar. We got a chance to talk to Kenneth Zierman about the double single and the upcoming show.

Originally from Duluth, Kenneth is the founding member of the band. He created the first album hoping to attract like-minded musicians and he succeeded with the help of deep roots in the Duluth (and increasing in the) Twin Cities music scene. He has been joined in the band by keyboardist Nolan Juusola, drummer Ben Ouellette, and bass player Matthew Nickolay. This will be their third release as a collaborative unit. The new double single was engineered and produced by Matt Patrick, at The Library Studio. In fact. Kenneth works with Matt outside of as an artist as well.

Fun to hear about the collaboration within and outside of the band, including The Library and Flavor World for video, merch and branding support. (We had an opportunity to talk to the folks at Flavor World earlier this year.)

We also enjoyed talking about the music. The two songs fit like sides to the same coin of pandemic living. One is a taste of debauchery that leads nowhere and one is that feeling of working and working and hoping it turns out. The music is layered and interesting with a hook that keeps the listener balanced and eager to follow the different notes through multiple listening.

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